Connecting people since the dawn of time

Connecting people since the dawn of time

Aramaic Manuscripts Legacy
Aramaic Manuscripts Legacy

The fascinating story of the Phoenician-Aramaic-Coptic and Arabic heritage is the story of all of us and the pride of our future generations. Our goal is to shed the light on the epic achievement and the preservation of our rich and colorful heritage, from Babylon to Byblos, from Oman to Arabia, to Petra, from Baalbeck to Palmyra, from Alexandria to Athens and Rome, from Tyre to Carthage, from Canaan the Promised Land to the New World, the Land of Promise, to the world. PARC vows to introduce a new method and perspective in rereading our glorious past in order to better understand our promising future. PARC intends to complement the services and general education objectives of universities in general, by providing our communities with the most effective academic tools to decipher and rediscover the real and positive creative spirit and message of the Fertile Crescent cultures and languages. PARC is open for researchers and publications and encourage all scholars in Humanities and shall otherwise encourage graduate and highly qualified students in Eastern and Mediterranean studies to enlarge their knowledge and extend their vision and ideas in the light of PARC’s new  perspective and findings.

From PARC”s global perspective, the  Gilgamesh Epic, Sanchoniathon of Beirut Story of the Creation, Abraham’s saga, Cadmus’ Alphabet, the Bible, the Koran, St Ephrem the Syriac, to list a few, are not accidents. Our Canaanite-Aramaic, Babylonian, Biblical, Ugaritic, Coptic, Arabian, myths, tablets, manuscripts, texts , Adonai-Adonis, Paradise, Melchizedek, the Magi, our symbols, the Phoenix, our ancient stories, rituals, festivals, dramatic events, our Phoenician Alphabet, represent an undeniable and  a glorious chapter of the history of humanity yet to be explored and rewritten.

According to the great Phoenician-Biblical scholar Ernest Renan “ Since memorial time, no where on earth, the same people  continuously celebrated in  Aramaic, Jesus’ mother tongue, the same rituals and sung the same songs and  hymns, still echoing thru Lebanon’s mounts and valleys”. The benefits in re exploring and sharing the beautiful messages of those fabulous stories from  Arabia Felix, the Fertile Crescent, to the Levant, with different cultures on the other side of the Mediterranean and beyond, are immeasurable. Your support is indispensable for the success of our noble mission: Bridging the cultures of East-West together!

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